Specialist Support Coordination

Addresses situations where a specialist is required.

Positive Behaviour Support

Improving the quality of life of participants and beyond.


Support Coordination

Get the most out of your NDIS plan ensuring services deliver on your needs.

Recovery Coaches

Mental Health is not a destination but a process. Its about how you drive, not where you are going.

We work from a Human Rights and strength-based model,  ensuring participants access supports that promote, uphold and respect their legal and human rights. We believe in transparency, effective communication and encourage our participants to make informed choices and empowering you to take control.


Lotus Support Coordination Services (LSCS)

LSCS is a standard and licensed disability support provider that provides services in both Victoria and Queensland. We are a disability service provider that aims to manage National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) registered participants. LSCS is owned by professionals who have worked within the disability and mental health industry for more than 15 years. LSCS was formed to provide specialist professionals that have experience in particular areas of service coordination such as but not limited to support coordination for individuals that have complex need in mental health.

Coordinating supports for NDIS participants.

Leaders in NDIS service provider in community nursing

Offer excellent quality service.

Value Integrity, Inclusion, Respect and Person-Centered care.

Advocating for Engagement, Empowerment & Diversity.

Provide NDIS funded services for Participants aged between 7 & 64


Years Of Experience

Our Services

Positive Behaviour Support

Lotus support coordination Services is an approved provider for participants requiring Behavior Practitioners under capacity building (Improved Relationships). The aim of PBS is the prevention and reduction of challenging behaviour by improving the quality of life of the person and those around them. PBS is a strength-based framework and it works by developing and building skills of the person and of those who support them rather than using aversive (i.e., unpleasant) or restrictive (i.e. limits the person’s movement or activities) interventions.

Support Coordination

Involves assisting Participants to strengthen their ability to connect to informal, mainstream and NDIS-funded supports. It includes resolving points of crisis, developing capacity and resilience in a participant’s network and coordinating supports from a range of sources. Over time as a participant’s capacity is strengthened this support may be replaced by Support Connection or the introduction of a LAC or Early Childhood Early Intervention Partner in subsequent plans.

LSCS specialist support coordinator will help address situations where high level of expertise are required due to high-level risks in the participant’s situation. LSCS delivers specialist support coordination in a timely, outcomes focused manner and by an appropriately qualified and experienced practitioner such as a Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Social Worker, or Mental Health Nurse.

Recovery Coaches

In 2020 NDIS has introduced recovery coaching funding, a new Initiative to support individuals with a mental illness. Services will include but not limited,

  • Full mental health assessments

  • Risk assessment

  • Identification of supports that meet the profile of your needs

  • Navigating the public mental health system

“Mental Health is not a destination but a process. Its about how you drive, not where you are going” Noah Shapanar