LSCS Referrals

Accessing LSCS Services

Within 48 hours os receiving your referral we contact participant and meeting for assessment will be conducted within 5 days of the initial contact. Participants should expect to receive feedback about their evaluation within 7 days of assessment.

Review of supports will differ depending on the supports LSCS is giving you e.g.  the first review of support coordination will be within 6week from commencement of service coordination. Flexibility will be provided in regard to the timing of review assessments, based on your needs and wishes, and you can request a review at any time.

Further information regarding accessing our service and waiting list can be obtained from one of our staff.


Access in 4 Easy Steps

Referral received by LSCS.

We contact participant within 48 hours.

Assessment meeting held within 5 days of initial contact.

Participant given feedback regarding their referral within 7 Days of assessment.

Service Eligibility

Service Access Pathway

To be eligible to receive LSCS services, a Participant must meet the following eligibility criteria. The person must have one or more identified intellectual, cognitive, neurological, sensory or physical.

Accessing LSCS Services

Participants may have reported mental, emotional, psychological, sensory, physical or psychiatric impairments attributable to a condition. Or if participant meets the criteria for early intervention, they may be eligible for early intervention interventions to mitigate potential care needs and strengthen or avoid functional capability degradation.

Participant must have identified intellectual, cognitive, neurological, sensory, physical or impairments that are attributable to a psychiatric condition. If Participant meets early intervention requirements they may be eligible for early intervention supports to reduce future support needs and improve or prevent the deterioration of functional capacity.