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Working with Children and Young Persons

All staff working for LSCS are required to observe child safe principles and expectations for appropriate behaviour towards and in the company of children and young people. LSCS has a Code of Conduct which outlines appropriate standards of behaviour by staff towards children and young people they support. LSCS is committed to protecting children and young people and reduce opportunities for abuse or harm to occur. If you would like further information regarding our policy and procedure of working with children this please talk to out staff.

We provide NDIS funded services for Participants aged between 7 to 64. A child is eligible if  their impairments are likely to be, permanent or impaired due to a medical disorder and / or a delay in development. To get support for your child aged 0-6 years under the NDIS, you can get in touch with the NDIS to facilitate early intervention support for your child. It involves meeting and working with an NDIS early childhood partner, who can recommend ways to support your child’s development.

Accessing LSCS services is easy

Service Access Pathway

Eligibility Criteria

Participants may have reported mental, emotional, psychological, sensory, physical or psychiatric impairments attributable to a condition. Or if participants meets the criteria for early intervention, they may be eligible for early intervention interventions to mitigate potential care needs and strengthen or avoid functional capability degradation.

Permanent and Significant

When a individual needs assistance in undertakings such as communication, social contact, independence, self-care, self-management or learning due to a persistent and severe impairment that significantly decreases cognitive capability or psychosocial functioning.

Referral Received by LSCS

Within 48 hours we contact participant and meeting for assessment will be conducted within 5 days of the initial contact. Participants should expect to receive feedback about their evaluation within 7 days of assessment. We're here to support your journey to better health.